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VESMEDIA is a TV store selling jewelry. I organized photo production for the online store of this company.

More than 30,000 SKU of products were presented on the company's website. The number of SKU photographed by the photo production organized by me per month is 8800.

Up to 20 jewelry collections were updated monthly on the site. Also, my photo production solved up to 20 non-standard tasks per month (for example, organized and conducted photography for catalogs, made field photography of company events, and so on).


During my time with the company:

- Tasks for the production of photo content were completely closed.

- The company's photography costs were optimized by creating its own photo studio.

- The amount of content shot per day has increased (from 5-10 SKUs to 40-80 SKUs), while the quality of photos has improved. 

- Due to the development of a common style and concept of shooting, brand awareness has increased.

In this project I worked as the head of the photo studio.

For two years of cooperation, I:

  • developed the process of organizing photo production and post-production.

  • calculated an estimate for the creation of a full-fledged photo studio, which covered all the requests of the project for the production of photo content. Including the salaries of employees, the purchase of equipment, location shooting, hiring outsourced performers, and so on.

  • built a photo studio, which includes: three stands for product photography, one stand for video shooting, a separate retoucher's office.

  • developed product cards for the company's website.

  • created guides for photographers and retouchers.

  • hired and trained a team.

  • supervised a staff of specialists: two photographers, two retouchers, a technical photographer for the warehouse. I was also involved in the selection of outsourcing performers and led teams on location shoots (photographers, stylists, makeup artists, photo models, assistants, loaders, drivers, etc.).

  • established the interaction of photo production with other departments of the company: design department, goods warehouse, product lines, and so on.

  • developed photo concepts, created moodboards and references, and so on.

  • сoordinated future shoots with internal customers.

Also, my duties included coordinating the salaries of full-time employees and outsourcing contractors, providing monthly reports on the work of photo production, and so on.

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