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BY Shop is a major retailer of consumer goods. I organized a photo-video production that provided content for four sites of this company. Each site had between 3,000 and 5,000 SKU of constantly updated items. All products at all four sites of the company were presented as premium product.

What I have done for the company:

- The tasks for the production of photo and video content were fully completed.

- The company's photography costs were optimized by creating its own photo studio with universal shooting stands.

- The amount of content shot per day has increased (from 20 SKU to 40-80 SKU), while the quality of photos has improved. This led to the fact that the products began to appear on the company's websites in a timely manner.

- As a result of developing a common style and shooting concept for each of the company's brands, brand recognition has increased.

Mobile stand for product photography in the interior

In this project I worked as the head of the photo studio, art director and producer.

For a year and a half of cooperation I:

  • developed a process for organizing photo production and post-production from scratch.

  • calculated the estimate for the creation of a full-fledged photo studio that satisfied all the requirements of this project for the production of photo content.

  • designed and created a photo studio, which includes: a cyclorama for photographing clothes and accessories on models, as well as for photographing large-sized items on a white background, three stands for product shooting, a 360-stand for product shooting, a mobile universal stand with changeable interiors for product shooting in the interior.

  • developed product cards for four company sites: BY Shop, Vsegazin, Chef Ivlev, Stas Mikhailov (the last three sites are stores under the brand of local famous personalities: singers, stand-up comedians, showmen).

  • created guides for photographers and retouchers.

  • hired and trained a team of photographers and retouchers.

  • managed a staff of specialists consisting of: two photographers, two photographer's assistants, two retouchers, and a photo studio coordinator. Plus, I selected outsourcing performers and led teams on location shoots (photographers, stylists, makeup artists, photo models, assistants, loaders, drivers, etc.).

  • established the interaction of photo production with other departments of the company: the design department, the product warehouse, the departments of the company's product lines (18 different product lines: Auto products, Beauty and health, Goods for children, Stationery, Hobbies and creativity, Plumbing, Clothing and accessories, Food, Goods for holidays, Tourism and outdoor recreation, Household goods, Sports and leisure, Summer cottage and garden, Tableware, Household goods, Household appliances, Tools, Electronics) and so on.

  • developed photo concepts, created mood boards and references and so on, as well as I coordinated future shoots with internal clients.

I was also responsible for coordinating the salaries of in-house and outsourcing contractors, providing monthly reports on the work of photo production, and so on.

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